The Quillan label is distinctive, timeless and trans-seasonal, incorporating the brand cornerstones of comfort and quality.

Fabrics are consciously chosen, focusing on sustainable natural and organic fibres - hemp, organic cotton and linen. So much healthier for us, for the environment and for the workers in the industry. 

We believe in slow fashion and we want our garments to be be worn and loved for many years. We consciously build quality into our patterns as well as into our production process and we also focus on natural fibres because they are more durable than synthetics.

 Our distinctive handwriting is subtly worked into each handcrafted design, resulting in an aesthetic, that is creative yet wearable, earthy yet feminine and subtle yet expressive.

Our beautiful and unique hand-knitted collection is knitted by a group of disadvantaged women in South Africa.  The pool of knitters is currently small, but we aim to grow into an established community, enabling each artisan to earn a full income. Yarns are sourced from overruns, excess stock, op-shops and dead stock. The women we have been working with are enormously talented and they have such strength and determination to do what it takes to provide for their families and loved ones. 

Read more about this project in the ‘Hand-knitted Collection’ section